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The Bovada Bars and bovada Sportsbooks are more of a big-time sports bar than anything else. But the cashier is right at the entrance, so it’s simple to just walk in, bet, and walk out. There is a big screen TV right across from the cashier along with the pamphlets showing all of that day’s action including the bovada betting lines for upcoming events, futures, and whatever props bovada might have.


The day to day lines won’t be any better or worse than another sportsbook’s for some special reason. Whenever bovada issues their betting lines, they are all pretty similar. The one possibly big difference is for the futures. Your best shot at getting a possible great futures payout is at bovada sportsbook. Bovada sports betting offer a safe and secure sports betting environment.


Since this is a bar, no smoking is allowed and there is a bathroom right inside. Unfortunately, there is no horse racing shown or any wagering available for it, but you can still open an account quickly and easily at the cashier, so you may download the Bovada sports betting app. The maximum bet allowed is drastically less, but so too is the minimum bet. With the app, you have access to every game including the horses, and it also features live betting on every game. Live betting is betting on games already in progress. You cannot do this over the counter, but since it has become a popular form of betting Bovada sports betting is planning on making it available at all of their books sooner before later.


Size and Location
Bovada sports betting seclusion is great as it is completely away from all casino noise. The bar is big and is located in the middle of the casino. It isn’t particularly close to the table games at Bovada has a lot of walking space, but it’s easy to find.


Traffic and Viewing Ability
Since Bovada sports betting is secluded, it will be quiet when there isn’t anything major going on, but we would expect this place to fill up by mid-afternoon when every game is going and especially during popular events like NFL Sunday or March Madness. Since not every TV is big and this is not traditional theater style sportsbook seating, finding the game you want to see could be an issue if you show up to a packed crowd. Otherwise, with all the seating and TVs, you got everything right in front of you.


As the cashier is at the front of Bovada before you enter the bar, so too is the betting board. That means you have to get up every time you want to check the line, so this gives you a good reason to either download the app or just keep a pamphlet with you. Just note that lines can change during the day, so make sure you’re getting the price you want when you bet.


Drinks at Bovada Bars and Sportsbooks
It used to be easy to drink for free in traditional sportsbooks, but those days have passed. Now you have to make a large bet just to receive a single drink ticket. We figured since this is a bar there won’t be any, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn if you do bet $100 you still receive a free drink. There are no any cocktail servers, but if you can get in good with the cashier you never know maybe he’ll give you some extra ones.


Right as you go inside Bovada there is a pool table and plenty more great sound and picture quality TVs including some big screens that spread across the entire bar which bends around like an L. Other seating includes restaurant-style booths and some wide length benches and tables.


Not being much of a football fan, I wouldn’t have read this book if a friend of mine hadn’t recommended it. But I’m glad I did, because "From Underdog to Bulldog" opened my eyes to the rigors and discipline required to be a top athlete in a most demanding sport. This book gives a first-hand account of what it took for Bovada, who was “too small, too slow, [and of] average strength,” to make the team and become a full-fledged Georgia Bulldog. While Bovada sports betting describes in detail the physical demands of Georgia football (ten meals a day? Are you kidding me!?) and relates the play-by-play action of individual games, what makes this book inspiring is Bovada himself. Each chapter ends with a series of observations and questions designed to challenge readers to set their own goals higher than they might have thought possible, and gives guidance on how to achieve them. I have no doubt that Bovada will continue to set impossible goals for himself and to achieve them, given his “dawg-ed” determination. I hope he shares them with us in another book.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints An intriguing NFC South clash as the Buccaneers offense has begun to click under Bruce Arians and Jameis Winston’s connection with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin is producing big plays and points.  Godwin has missed practices this week though so keep an eye on his availability.   On the flip side you have a Saints team that is winning with defense and special teams in the absence of star QB Drew Brees.  Replacement Teddy Bridgewater is game managing the offense well but they might need to deliver some more big plays if the Buc’s offense continues to fire.  Alvin Kamara will once again be key and he is a threat so many ways. The Saints defense is playing excellent though but it’ll need to be at the top of its game here. If the Buccaneers can keep their high octane offense going and avoid some of the daft turnovers/mistakes then they have a real chance to upset the Saints here and the bookies - and our own TouchdownTips - aren’t taking them lightly, with the spread once again just a home advantage 3pts for the Saints.  The points total is 47. Minnesota Vikings @ New York Giants Daniel Jones is 2-0 as a starter but he did show a bit of rawness last week and against a tough looking Vikings defense, he’ll have to try and be more careful with the football.  The turnovers he gave away last week would have let a better team than the Redskins back in the game. However, if that were to happen can Kirk Cousins take advantage?  Right now the Vikings can’t be feeling they are getting bang for their buck with Cousins and if they are going to contend for the playoffs, he and his receiving corps, which all have big money contracts also, need to step up. Cousins should find the Giants defense more forgiving than the Bears D he faced last week and this looks the type of game that the whole offense can gain confidence from and the bookies feel the same making them 5.5pt favourites. New York Jets @ Philadelphia Eagles This looks like a mismatch on paper although if QB Sam Darnold can go for the Jets, that at least makes it a little more competitive.  A week can be a long time in the NFL though and with the Eagles overcoming the Packers then the Cowboys slipping in New Orleans, all of the sudden the NFC East is wide open again and you have to think the Eagles once again have the easier task this week. If Darnold can play, I’d expect the Jets to at least try and test a dodgy Eagles secondary but outside of that, there isn’t much to sell this as a competitive match up.  It’s therefore no surprise the home side are favoured by two touchdowns (13.5pts) and that doesn’t feel an unattainable margin of victory and it’s part of why I’ve napped the Eagles this week. Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers The Ravens have had a right couple of weeks of it, losing a shootout to the Chiefs is no shame but then allowing the Browns to run all over you will bruise the ego.  The Steelers will have seen that and with Ben Roethlisberger done for the year, they got creative with their rushing attack last week, featuring both James Connor and Jaylen Samuel as rushers, receivers and passers (well, tap passes!) and they’ll be hoping they can exploit the same creases that the Browns did. I’d expect the Ravens to be wise to that though and they’ll want to crowd the line of scrimmage and dare Mason Rudolph to beat them and I’m not sure that he can do that.  His opposite number, Lamar Jackson, will have to be on his guard against the Steelers pass rush but he can make enough plays to give the Steelers too much to chase here. The Ravens are 3pt favourites, I think that’s a good mark to take as they need this badly and I believe they’ll want to make a statement here after a tricky couple of weeks. New England Patriots @ Washington Redskins We’ll sometimes say a match up is a “penalty kick” for the favourite but in this case, it’s a penalty kick with no goalkeeper and the goal size is doubled.  I’m actually surprised the spread here is only 15pts because the Redskins are bad! I’m already intrigued to see what the line is for them against the Dolphins in Week 6 because I actually think they are the worst team in the league. I’m sure Bill Belichick is quaking in his boots at the thought of Colt McCoy, who has been confirmed as the starter this week and would have been the starter at the beginning of the season if not for injury.  The pressure is definitely on ‘Skins HC Jay Gruden and depending on the way the Redskins perform here, you wonder if the P45 will happen this week. Lose to Miami in Week 6 and surely his position becomes impossible. The only thing stopping a Patriots comfortable victory here is the Patriots themselves. Jacksonville Jaguars @ Carolina Panthers I’m old enough to remember these two teams making their NFL debuts in 1996!  They are both established teams now and both are battling back into contention after poor starts behind back up QB’s.   For the Jaguars, Gardner Minshew has already established cult status with his comeback heroics last week in Denver whilst Kyle Allen for the Panthers has helped open up the Panthers offense.   Both teams turned to their ground games last week though and expect more of the same here.  The Panthers don’t want Kyle Allen taking deep drops and inviting the Jags pass rush to come after him so expect lots of Christian McCaffrey as a rusher and a receiver.   This is a tough one to call.  The Panthers are 3.5pt favorites, which is pretty much their home advantage. Atlanta Falcons @ Houston Texans The Falcons are a real disappointment this season and Head Coach Dan Quinn must be feeling the pressure on his position.  They have too much talent to be struggling as they are but it all starts with their key man, QB Matt Ryan, who is not protecting the ball well enough and the offense as a whole is playing in fits and starts.   The Texans, like the rest of the AFC South, are up and down but DeShaun Watson looks in better form than his Falcons counterpart and being at home you can see why they are 5pt favourites.   This is another game that I personally don’t feel comfortable making a confident call.  I’m going with the home team but there is still that sneaky feeling the Falcons could just wake up at some point and put it all together. Denver Broncos @ Los Angeles Chargers The Broncos are doing what the Chargers used to do on a regular basis...snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  The offense can move the ball but blows chances or stalls when it has a lead whilst the defense has taken time to wake up and then got hit by the body blow of losing pass rusher Bradley Chubb for the season. The Chargers meanwhile, have gotten themselves together the past couple of weeks and they now have Melvin Gordon back in the backfield although I’d expect him to still be on a snap count this week because Austin Ekeler has played well in his absence.   The Chargers can’t afford to slip up here given how well the Chiefs are playing but they are 6pt favourites and I would feel they should be able to win and cover.   Green Bay Packers @ Dallas Cowboys Two weeks ago the Packers defense looked in dominating form.  Two weeks ago the Cowboys had two 100 yard rushers in the same game.  Last week the Packers defense was like a sieve. Last week the Cowboys rushing attack seen star rusher Ezekiel Elliott average less than 2 yards a carry! So, I’m choosing to not take too much from last week because Thursday Nights - as we well know - don’t always go to form and the short prep for that week must have an effect sometimes, whilst for the Cowboys, Zeke and that O-line have shown enough in the past to be able to put that down as one bad game.   There is a lot riding on this, the Packers won’t want to see their good start drift away and they are dragged back into the pack (no pun intended) whilst the Cowboys all of a sudden see the Eagles eyeballing them.  Have the Cowboys just been beating patsies though? Can they handle the better teams? They must run the ball better and not put this game on Dak Prescott’s back, because a shootout with Aaron Rodgers doesn’t appeal.  I’ve plumped for the Cowboys - who are 3.5pt favourites - but it’s another coin flip game. Lazarus is the only one backing the Pack! Sunday Night Football: Indianapolis Colts @ Kansas City Chiefs I waxed lyrical about the Colts last week and they then went and laid an egg against the Raiders.  They are injury hit though and news out this week that both starting safeties may miss this game! Not what you want to hear when you have to go into Patrick Mahomes backyard. As much as I like the Colts, I can’t sell them in this one.  I think it could be a high scoring game as I do think they can put up some points on the Chiefs D but what they really need to do is control the clock as much as possible with RB Marlon Mack.   I do think the 11pt spread in favour of the home team is too big, I was expecting 8-9pts so I wouldn’t put anyone off challenging it.   Monday Night Football: Cleveland Browns @ San Francisco 49ers Another quirk of the scheduling which gets on my nerves is teams having a bye then been brought back on Monday Night!  Why? Try and even things out for teams as much as possible. They go from a long break to a short week. Very poor and something that isn’t hard to fix in my opinion.   Anyway, the game itself.  The Browns have regained confidence and this could be a battle of rushing attacks as both teams have run the ball well.   I’m against the panel here, I still feel as annoying as Baker Mayfield can be at times, he is made for games like this and if the running game is better and getting respect, play action and some deep passes to OBJ could be on the cards.  The 49ers have had rest and more prep time but is that always an advantage? They are 3.5pt favourites. Nap Acca:  Bengals, Bears, Eagles and Chiefs - only pays 2/1 on the moneyline but is 11.5/1 on the spread although two of those spreads are double digits.  Or as an alternative, reduce the Eagles and Chiefs spreads to -9.5pts and add the Bengals and Bears on the moneyline at 4.6/1 or keep those alternative spreads for the Eagles and Chiefs and add the Bengals and Bears to cover their original spreads at 7.75/1.   Consensus Acca:  Vikings, Eagles, Ravens, Patriots, Panthers, Chargers and Chiefs - 6/1 on the moneyline but a much more tasty 84/1 on the spread.  However, with three teams needing to cover double digit spreads consider combining the four teams favoured by less than a score (Viking, Ravens, Panthers and Chargers) with the three heavy favourites (Eagles, Patriots, Chiefs) on alternative spreads of -6.5pts.  Obviously this reduces the price but at 30/1 I think it’s a decent bet! Majority Acca:  All of the seven teams in the consensus acca plus the Bengals, Titans, Bears, Saints, Texans, Cowboys and 49ers.  It’s 137/1 on the moneyline. Keep your stakes low if following such a large acca or make it fewer teams by removing the hot favourites.  Take out the three teams favoured by double digits (Eagles, Patriots and Chiefs) and it still pays 91/1.