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The Bovada Bars and bovada Sportsbooks are more of a big-time sports bar than anything else. But the cashier is right at the entrance, so it’s simple to just walk in, bet, and walk out. There is a big screen TV right across from the cashier along with the pamphlets showing all of that day’s action including the bovada betting lines for upcoming events, futures, and whatever props bovada might have.


The day to day lines won’t be any better or worse than another sportsbook’s for some special reason. Whenever bovada issues their betting lines, they are all pretty similar. The one possibly big difference is for the futures. Your best shot at getting a possible great futures payout is at bovada sportsbook. Bovada sports betting offer a safe and secure sports betting environment.


Since this is a bar, no smoking is allowed and there is a bathroom right inside. Unfortunately, there is no horse racing shown or any wagering available for it, but you can still open an account quickly and easily at the cashier, so you may download the Bovada sports betting app. The maximum bet allowed is drastically less, but so too is the minimum bet. With the app, you have access to every game including the horses, and it also features live betting on every game. Live betting is betting on games already in progress. You cannot do this over the counter, but since it has become a popular form of betting Bovada sports betting is planning on making it available at all of their books sooner before later.


Size and Location
Bovada sports betting seclusion is great as it is completely away from all casino noise. The bar is big and is located in the middle of the casino. It isn’t particularly close to the table games at Bovada has a lot of walking space, but it’s easy to find.


Traffic and Viewing Ability
Since Bovada sports betting is secluded, it will be quiet when there isn’t anything major going on, but we would expect this place to fill up by mid-afternoon when every game is going and especially during popular events like NFL Sunday or March Madness. Since not every TV is big and this is not traditional theater style sportsbook seating, finding the game you want to see could be an issue if you show up to a packed crowd. Otherwise, with all the seating and TVs, you got everything right in front of you.


As the cashier is at the front of Bovada before you enter the bar, so too is the betting board. That means you have to get up every time you want to check the line, so this gives you a good reason to either download the app or just keep a pamphlet with you. Just note that lines can change during the day, so make sure you’re getting the price you want when you bet.


Drinks at Bovada Bars and Sportsbooks
It used to be easy to drink for free in traditional sportsbooks, but those days have passed. Now you have to make a large bet just to receive a single drink ticket. We figured since this is a bar there won’t be any, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn if you do bet $100 you still receive a free drink. There are no any cocktail servers, but if you can get in good with the cashier you never know maybe he’ll give you some extra ones.


Right as you go inside Bovada there is a pool table and plenty more great sound and picture quality TVs including some big screens that spread across the entire bar which bends around like an L. Other seating includes restaurant-style booths and some wide length benches and tables.


Not being much of a football fan, I wouldn’t have read this book if a friend of mine hadn’t recommended it. But I’m glad I did, because "From Underdog to Bulldog" opened my eyes to the rigors and discipline required to be a top athlete in a most demanding sport. This book gives a first-hand account of what it took for Bovada, who was “too small, too slow, [and of] average strength,” to make the team and become a full-fledged Georgia Bulldog. While Bovada sports betting describes in detail the physical demands of Georgia football (ten meals a day? Are you kidding me!?) and relates the play-by-play action of individual games, what makes this book inspiring is Bovada himself. Each chapter ends with a series of observations and questions designed to challenge readers to set their own goals higher than they might have thought possible, and gives guidance on how to achieve them. I have no doubt that Bovada will continue to set impossible goals for himself and to achieve them, given his “dawg-ed” determination. I hope he shares them with us in another book.

NFL LIVE BETTING PA sports betting sites and, in some cases, PA retail sportsbooks may also offer live or in play NFL betting. This means betting on lines that adjust throughout an NFL game. Once again, it may sound complicated, but it isn’t. These markets offer the same basic NFL bets; it’s just that odds adjust according to how the game is playing out. Oddsmakers will put out up-to-the-minute odds you can bet on throughout an NFL game, which is why this better for PA mobile betting. If you keep your PA sports betting app open during a game and you can see the odds change as the action does. BETTING ONLINE VS. A RETAIL SPORTSBOOK For the most part, the NFL lines are the same at PA retail sportsbooks and at their online PA sports betting app counterparts. However, there are several key differences between betting on the NFL at either. PA sports betting apps own the convenience factor. There’s no need to travel to a PA casino or off-track betting (OTB) parlor to place a bet on the NFL when you can do it with a PA sports betting app. Plus, PA online and mobile sportsbooks are available statewide, 24 hours a day, wherever you can access the internet. PA sports betting apps also help eliminate several barriers to NFL betting market entry. There’s no need to wait in line at a sports betting window to place a bet. Plus, the intimidation factor of having to place that bet with sportsbook staff is removed. In other words, PA sports betting apps take away the need to learn the often foreign-sounding language employed by sportsbook staff and pro sports bettors, including things like the game number. Although, most retail sportsbooks also employ self-serve betting kiosks, which help eliminate several of the same barriers to market entry as well. Perhaps the top reason you might want to bet on the NFL at a PA sports betting site rather than a retail sportsbook is that you may be able to do it for free. PA sportsbooks offer a variety of different sign-up bonuses that their retail counterparts do not. Both retail sportsbook kiosks and PA sports betting apps allow you to freely browse through all your NFL betting options and see the possible outcome of bets immediately. However, PA retail sportsbooks may have an advantage when it comes to a place to watch the action. The high-end audiovisual equipment at retail sportsbooks is top of the line. Add in access to the NFL Sunday Ticket TV package and all the games, plus great food and beverage service, and there’s likely no better place to bet on the NFL and watch the action play out than a PA retail sportsbook. Unless, of course, you value your privacy over all that. Then, a sports betting site in Pennsylvania and your couch may be your best bet. WHAT ARE LINES AND HOW TO SHOP FOR THE BEST LINES IN PENNSYLVANIA NFL lines are the different odds you can bet on at PA sports betting apps and retail sportsbooks. Essentially, the line is the price you’re getting on a bet. Basic NFL lines include moneylines, point spreads, over/unders and futures. Different PA sports betting operators offer different lines on NFL games. Since the line is essentially the price you’re getting on a bet, smart consumers will shop around for the best price. This effort is called line shopping. All that’s required is checking the line on a bet at different PA sports betting apps and retail sportsbooks before you book it. This is easy to do online and can make a big difference to your bottom line. One sportsbook might have the Philadelphia Eagles moneyline at -120 over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Another might have it at -110. Placing the bet with the second book would instantly save you $10 for each $100 you bet, and all you had to do was browse through the NFL lines at a few different PA sports betting apps to earn it. Line shopping is also important because it keeps the sportsbooks honest. If a particular sportsbook is always more expensive than the competition, and the action dries up. But if consumers are line shopping effectively, books will adjust the lines. WHY LINES MOVE Lines also move for a variety of other reasons. These include: Injury reports on key players: NFL teams will publicly release injury reports. Should a key player be out for an upcoming game, sportsbooks will move the lines on the game up or down accordingly. Inclement weather reports: Outside of games played in a dome, the weather is a factor on NFL games. A late report of inclement weather for an upcoming game could have sportsbooks scrambling to move the lines. Big bets or increase in action: It takes a lot to move a sportsbook’s needle, but a big bet or increased action on one side or another will likely move the lines. WHAT LINE MOVEMENT WILL TELL US When an NFL line moves, you should immediately look for the reason why. Bad weather usually results in a low-scoring game so that PA sportsbooks will adjust the over/under. If a key player is out for one team, that might turn a moneyline favorite into an underdog. If weather and injuries aren’t a factor, line movement is most likely due to increased action on one side. That will tell you what the majority of the betting public is thinking about a particular game and give you the chance to adjust accordingly. NFL BETTING TIPS How to develop your own NFL betting strategy? Information is the key to the best NFL betting strategies. That means if you want to bet on the NFL in PA successfully, you have to do your homework. There’s no substitute for proper research. Scour the internet, read all you can about the NFL and the upcoming games and you’ll quickly go from making picks akin to throwing darts at a board blindfolded to educated and informed picks. Then, come Sunday, you’ve got to watch NFL games. Nothing will prepare you better for making NFL picks than watching NFL games. When it comes to betting on NFL games, you’re also going to want to be selective. Just because there are as many as 16 games on the schedule doesn’t mean you have to bet them all. Stick to the picks that look like locks to you. Avoid betting massive double-digit game parlays that offer attractive payouts but rarely come in. In other words, be selective. Finally, the best NFL betting strategies involve proper bankroll management. Think of betting on the NFL in PA like an investment. That means never having all your eggs in one basket. In other words, diversify. Plus, always making sure you have enough cash in reserve to keep you going through a bad losing streak until one of those beautiful winning streaks comes around. BETTING MISTAKES TO AVOID CHASING YOUR LOSSES You’re going to want to chase your losses when they start to pile up. But it’s a big mistake to start betting bigger when you’re on a bit of a downswing. It is a fast way to go broke, not break even. Proper betting bankroll management involves using the same bet amount for most or all of your bets. Slow and steady wins this race and keeps you in the game long enough to enjoy a winning streak or two as well. BET USING STATS OR DATA Diehard Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers should probably avoid betting on the team they support altogether. That’s because far too many fans make the mistake of betting with their hearts instead of their heads. The best NFL betting strategies involve using information, statistics, and data to find winners. They don’t involve backing a team simply because of your undying love for them. The truth is, as a fan, you’ve probably got enough emotional skin in the game already. And you should stick to making educated and informed picks instead of emotional ones. FOCUS TOO MUCH ON LONGSHOTS While fading the public often involves betting underdogs at improved prices, depending on how the lines move, you might find yourself backing favorites, too. In fact, it’s a good idea to get behind a few favorites sometimes. After all, they are favorites for a reason. Many novice sports bettors get drawn in by good prices and back far too many longshots to be ultimately profitable. A sound betting strategy often involves betting favorites when they are a lock. The bottom line is that sometimes you’ve got to lay money to make money. NFL: BETTING AGAINST THE PUBLIC Betting against the public, otherwise known as fading the public, is an NFL betting strategy most experts recommend for casual sports bettors. Simply put, betting against the public means betting on the other side of what the general public has proven it thinks about a particular NFL game. In this case, the public perception of a game can be defined as the side with the most action. It’s just natural for sports fans to back winners and home teams. While a side draws action for any number of reasons, this NFL betting strategy depends on the notion that the public mostly bet on home favorites. Sportsbooks set opening NFL lines as a way to attract bets. When those lines move, it often indicates where the public is betting. If a home favorite becomes an even bigger favorite, it means the public is backing that team. If you book a bet on the road underdog at the improved price, you’re fading the public. The trick is, you’re getting a better price on the bet by waiting until that line moves.

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